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Bunnik Logistics is your transport partner. Every day, our professional, Dutch drivers transport sea containers of various sizes from the harbours in Rotterdam and Antwerp to destinations throughout Europe. We have a range of different container vehicles at our disposal, including:

  • an LHV combination (20 + 40 ft/3 x 20 ft)
  • multi-functional chassis (20 ft, 30 ft, 40 HQ and 45 HQ)
  • combi trailers (2 x 20 ft/40 HQ)
  • tilting chassis (20 ft/40 ft)
  • refrigerated trailers (43 x CC/DC)

All vehicles are equipped with an onboard computer, mobile telephone and GPS. Our small team of planners enjoys collaborating with you to arrive at the best solution. Flexibility and service are always our priorities. If you are wondering what Bunnik Logistics has to offer you, please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

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About us

Bunnik Logistics is a part of the Bleiswijk-based enterprise Bunnik Companies, together with pot plant nursery Bunnik Plants and trading company Bunnik Creations. What began with a single vehicle for personal transport soon grew into a completely separate business consisting of multiple vehicles and with its own client base. Bunnik Logistics transports goods for carriers, wholesalers, oil companies and more.